Football mania in Rio

After a few very stressful days screaming at each other and realising that we hadn´t done half the things we needed to, we´ve now arrived in Rio de Janeiro. The city has been built amongst mountainous jungle so lush mountains peak out of the hectic city which leads down to white sand beaches. Pockets of greenery pop out around hotels, cafes and shops etc.

Lots of sightseeing to do...

It´s spectacular. But it´s particularly crazy at the moment with the football. Yesterday we watched it on Cocacabana beach on a massive screen on the beach.

As most of you will know I don´t really like football but this is something different. We adopted some Brazilians for the day and drunk beer as we watched England get slaughtered.

But that was nothing compared to today with Brazil actually playing. I wish I could send you a recording right now as Brazil have just won and it´s mayhem!! All you can hear is fireworks going off, horns blaring and people shouting – it´s mad. Brazil lead 1-0

Off now for some caprinhas in the cool neighbourhood where we are staying (although Jack is already drunk so it could be a short evening).

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  1. Sophie Wong says:

    Wow – already an adventure you are having! Glad you are mingling with the locals. Can’t wait to read your next blog.

  2. Martyn Munford says:

    Guys, glad you haven’t changed yet, jack get yourself onto the hard stuff straight away!! Remember you have a year to go on those kidneys! Looking forward to the next post! Lots love – Martyn, well and Kaz just in case she has not read this yet

  3. Matt Henderson says:

    Did he manage to fall asleep standing up on the beach during the match?

    1. no sleeping for me. i even had a beer in the second half and the brazilians didn`t. hardcore

  4. Rachie says:

    I can’t believe you watched the football! After all the words said against it… I feel betrayed Becki-san BETRAYED!

    Only joking. I’m glad you’re having such fun! Who knew it would be so good?

    Kazza, where is our own website???

  5. Rach Rachie says:

    That was me, Rachie by the way.

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