STOP PRESS: Jack finds the rhythm in Rio…

As many of you will know, Jack struggles with dancing. We´ve all watched him as he painfully wiggles around the dancefloor. But to our (joint) surprise it seems he can dance to Samba music!

On our last night in Rio we went to a samba bar in an area (Lapa) known for good music. After a few caiprinhas (local sugar cane proof with crushed lime and lots of sugar – very strong)  he got up and strutted his stuff.

Jack drinking a caiprinha
Jack drinking a caiprinha
At times I wanted to sit down so I had to leave him on the dance floor.

The samba club in Lapa
The samba club in Lapa
But I can’t laugh too hard as I then proceeded to get very drunk and Jack had to basically carry me home.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    Can I upload the video of Jack’s dancing in the park, and compare it to a video now then please?! I wanna see it! Loving your work x

  2. Scruff says:

    I can’t believe it… all these years and all we had to do was play Samba, your task now Bexsta is to teach him how to do the countdown tune then then trip really is complete! x

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