Heading northwards in Brazil

A few things we have done in the last week or so (most good, one bad):

  • Sitting on a beach under an umbrella in the rain drinking strawberry and passionfruit caipiroskas as big as our heads
  • Wandering around a lovely old colonial town with cobbled streets and painted facades
  • Spending the day on the beach sampling all the local delicacies – grilled cheese (a bit like halloumi) with chilli and herbs, bife (beef) and carne (pork) kebabs, acaraje (deep-fried batter filled with prawns and salsa) finished off with tapioca drizzled with condensed milk
  • Staying on an island with sandy streets where all freight/luggage etc. is carried by wheelbarrow
  • Visiting numerous per kilo restaurants with a massive spread of Brazilian cuisine (where Becki always has chips)
  • Meeting some Americans we actually really liked (and hopefully it was reciprocal)
  • Watching sword fighting (where sparks flew when contact was made) at a capoeira performance (Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance)
  • Spending a day in an air-conditioned shopping centre eating Thai and watching Elipse (Becki begged me!)
  • And…listening to passengers on a 16 hour overnight bus journey be sick into the aisle and then trying to sleep despite the smell

Now in Salvador and soon off further north to the remote beach village of Jericoacoara.


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