Sand, sand and more sand

After a beautiful (but long and very bumpy) journey along sandy roads, the beach and dunes, via buses, 4WD trucks and sand buggies, we arrived in Jericoacoara. Jeri is a small village built on a beach surrounded by sand dunes and rolling green hills (and the occasional donkey).

The main ´street´of Jeri
Becki atop a dune

A highlight was a dune buggy tour through the national park. It was incredible – driving up and over sand dunes, along the beach, through mangrove forests all whilst hanging off the back of the 4X4.

Becki´s first ever driving experience

We stopped for grilled lobster lunch at a freshwater lake surrounded by dunes on a table and chairs actually in the lake.

Water hammock
Lake dining

In the evenings everyone congregated on the beach where there was a row of cocktail stands which mixed very strong batidas (blended fruit, ice, condensed milk and cachaca). The only problem was the local clubs didn´t get busy until around 3am. We turned up at 1am and it we were the first people there.

Cocktail street

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Scruff says:

    i like the sound of a cocktail street! lovin the blog Jecki x

  2. Kazzle says:

    Wow, looks amazing! Loving the first driving experience. Have a cocktail for me. Kazza xxx

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