Brazil round-up

A few observations after five weeks in Brazil…

Things we liked:

  • Beer always come in a bottle-shaped cooler with chilled glasses
  • The buses are very comfortable – they make National Express seem Third World
  • There is a lot of sand – from gorgeous desolate beaches to amazing 50 metre high dunes
  • The most isolated, random, dirty local bar is still able to whip up a delicious caiprinha for under 2 GBP
  • Brazilians are very friendly and keen to get to know you (usually by sharing some alcohol!)
  • Chilled ‘agua de coco’ (coconut water which you drink straight from the fruit) is available on every street corner
  • Football is taken seriously but once they lose they get over it and have a(nother) beer

And a few we didn’t:

  • There is always background noise – be it on bus, in a restaurant or on a boat. Moreover, it is usually some pirate DVD of a  terrible Brazilian pop singer
  • Despite having lovely vegetables in the markets you rarely get more than a bit of cucumber in restaurants.
  • Nothing is done efficiently, e.g. it takes three people to get your Coke in the cinema – one to take the order, a second to pour the drink and another to take your money! And it takes ages.
  • Restaurant/hotels/ticket offices never have change and it is always your responsibility to get change!

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