Colombia: leave your preconceptions at home

Colombia was definitely the most controversial destination on our itinerary. Many people questioned our desire to visit it (including the Foreign Office). However, (nearly) gone are the days of cocaine cartels, Pablo Escobar and paramilitaries. It is now firmly on the backpacker circuit and seems to be one of the safest Latin American countries.

We landed in the capital, Bogota, and found it to be a cosmopolitan city full of cool bars, nice restaurants, interesting museums and some very good coffee shops.

But most importantly, after the heat of the Brazil, the weather was like good ol` Blighty. Never again will we moan about the cold and rain. The hostel manager said we were the only people ever to stay who liked the climate.

La Candelaria (the oldest part of Bogota)
Bogota from above

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  1. Mike says:

    Great trip and pics! The oasis pic is just amazing. Not sure how they keep from being burried by a sandstorm.

    Happy travels,


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