Huacachina: a desert oasis

Huacachina was initially not a must-see destination in Peru but more of a stopover to break our long journey between Huaraz and Tacna, on the Chilean border (around 30 hours if you did it all in one go!). However, as soon as we drove into the village from Ica (where you take the bus to) I knew we would love it.

The road was surrounded on both sides by sand dunes so you could not see Huacachina, however we turned a corner and there was the village laid out in front of you. Just a few streets, some palm trees and an amazing oasis in the middle of it all.

One half of Huacachina and the oasis from the dune above
The oasis in the centre of the village

We found a lovely hotel (but we had to stay in a dorm as it was expensive) which had a gorgeous pool (surrounded by the dunes on all sides) and went to relax around it before we could check-in. We were only interrupted when the resident blue and green parrots  squawked “ola” at each other.

The swimming pool overlooked by dunes

There was not really much else to do (which was fine by us) apart from a tour of the dunes in a sand buggy. We had done a similar thing in Brazil so expected more of the same, but instead of a sedate drive across the sand, it was more like a rollercoaster as we sped up and down the dunes at almost vertical angles. We also had a go at sandboarding down ever steeper dunes and I finally managed to try it after chickening out the previous few times.

Steep dunes
Sand buggy
Me sandboarding

We met two other English couples and went out for dinner with them and then to the local club and a rather bizarre bar where we salsa´d with the masked staff after one too many mojitos.

A motley crew

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