Turning a year older in the desert

After a long overnight journey we finally arrived in San Pedro de Atacama, a small town high up in the middle of the arid desert in northern Chile.

As it was my birthday Becki had booked a posh hotel to celebrate. However, I had no idea just how nice it was going to be…

On arriving at the hotel, our bags were whisked away and unpacked for us (!), we were given hot towels to freshen up and a delicious cocktail made from a local desert fruit. We were then shown around the hotel grounds. It was amazing – lovely soft chairs around a fire-pit, a restaurant with two fireplaces and a gorgeous pool. The hotel had only eight ‘cottages’ but 46 staff on hand to look after you.

Next we were then shown to our room/cottage…it was bigger than our entire flat. It not only had a huge bedroom with a kingsize bed, a bath, shower, two sinks; but also a private patio with an outside shower.

We eventually dragged ourselves away, to a delicious breakfast of everything you can imagine (where the staff sang happy birthday and gave me a cake), to have a look around the town which was really unique as all the buildings are made from adobe (mud).

As would be expected, several lovely meals and hours relaxing around the pool followed before (sadly) having to go back to our ‘normal’ backpacking lives.


One Comment Add yours

  1. al pal says:

    flipping amazing hotel! I wanna go there! never seen anything like it with people I know in the pictures!! xxx

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