Funiculars, chips and graffiti in Valparasio

Three hours from Santiago, the capital of Chile, is the quirky port town of Valparaiso. It is a city of contrasts. On one hand it is slightly rundown, a bit dangerous and lacking in obvious sights. But on the other hand it is full of artists and students which give it an edgy, alternative feel.

The whole city is covered in graffiti (or art depending on your point of view). Pastel coloured houses fill the hills above you on one side while the sea stretches beyond on the other. While funiculars take you up to interesting hilltop neighbourhoods with cool cafes and restaurants.

One night we joined the locals in some of the cool bars in one of the nicer neighbourhoods sampling the Chilean national cocktail (Pisco sour) and after a few too many we became hungry so ordered the local speciality, chorrillana (which is like something you would get in a kebab shop at home), chips smothered in cheese, onions, beef and  fried egg! A definite heart attack on a plate but perfect when a bit drunk.

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