Disappointed in Torres Del Paine

Allegedly one of the most spectacular national parks in South America, Torres Del Paine was the reason we went to Patagonia. So we set off on the five-day ‘W’ trek with high hopes.

The first day was a hard eight-hour return slog to the park’s namesake peaks which everyone raves about. They were basically three granite fingers which we could see perfectly well from the bus to the park!

View of Torres from bus

Torres up close
After a nice night in a refugio (with a three course dinner and wine) we set off towards our next stop on the ‘W’. The weather was lovely and a pretty walk alongside a turquoise lake kept us interested. Luckily an even nicer and cosier refugio awaited us.

Lovely lake

Collecting water fresh from a glacier
The park is renowned for having very changeable and extreme weather conditions which we encountered on the third day when we were awoken to gale force winds. This section of the walk was meant to be pretty impressive with hanging glaciers and snow-capped mountains, however we failed to see much through the wind (74kph) and rain. We just raced, head down, to the next refugio which was spectacularly located by an aquamarine lake.

70 km/h winds blowing spray off the lake
The next day, with the weather only seeming to get worse (winds were forecast at over 100mph) and not wanting to be stranded in the park we decided to cut the trek slightly short and only go to the mirador of the Grey Glacier. It was a shame as it was bright blue and surrounded by floating icebergs which had broken off.

View of glacier from mirador
Maybe we have been spoiled but the whole trek seemed a little underwhelming (especially after all the hype and compared to the less famous Santa Cruz trek in Peru). What do you reckon? Have we been spoilt?


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