Eating our way through Singapore

Singapore was the third city we had visited for a second time on this trip (after Rio and Santiago), and like the other two we enjoyed ourselves even more this time around.

Last time we had found it a bit dull and sanitised – “Asia for beginners” as a friend said, but this time we enjoyed the cultural diversity the city had to offer. We spent four enjoyable days chomping our way through different cuisines in the various neighbourhoods. Even better, Jack’s friend Ralph was working in Singapore so he was our guide (and eating partner).

We stayed in Little India, which unsurprisingly is where many immigrants from the sub-continent live. After meeting up with Ralph for a few Tigers, we headed to an Indian hawker centre for a few pre-dinner snacks and some strong Indian lager:

Little India by night
Just a few snacks…

We then went to a lovely vegetarian restaurant where we shared two huge thalis and a mock mutton biryiani alongside delicious lassis:

Another tiny dinner
The next day we walked around the city visiting the CBD, quays, Esplanade (theatre) and Chinatown. First we checked out a huge temple and then found a nice looking dim sum restaurant (with predictably rude staff). After much deliberation we ordered fried aubergine, carrot cake, steamed dumplings and some others we have forgotten the name of. It was all delicious.

Dim Sum
The next evening we met up with Ralph and had our best meal yet: an amazing steamboat. It was a simmering pot of soup (we chose two – tom yam and chicken) placed at the center of the table and while the it is kept simmering, you dip ingredients into it to cook them. Typical ingredients included thinly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings and seafood.

Ralph and Jack before we started
Ralph taking charge
An eating odyssey through many delicious cuisines all in just one city.


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