Christmas and New Year’s Eve Thai-style

After a few days spent frantically shopping for Christmas presents in Bali we set off for southern Thailand to meet up with Jack’s parents, Bill and Flis.

We traveled for a couple of hours from Krabi airport to Koh Lanta where we checked into a lovely resort set right on the beach. We all settled into island life very quickly, only moving from the balcony to the beach to the restaurant. It was heaven.

Our beach in Koh Lanta
Fire at the beach bar

Christmas day was spent on B&F’s VIP beach-side balcony opening presents followed by the obligatory game of Scrabble (Bill won). We had a delicious Thai dinner on the beach and lit paper lanterns which floated into the sky.

Present giving
Deciding what to have for lunch
Christmas dinner Thai-style
A bit different from the Queen’s speech
Up, up and away…

All too soon we left Jack’s parents and traveled several hours south by ferry to Koh Lipe. After a long hot journey the boat pulled into a gorgeous crescent of blindingly white sand with clear turquoise water. We had high hopes for the island after a friend recommended it and from this first glimpse it did not disappoint.

First impressions were good…

After a longtail boat ride to the beach we were staying on, we checked into our bungalow. However, this was no ordinary beach hut but an amazing two-storey structure all made from wood, just steps from the beach. On the ground floor there was a terrace with a hammock and swinging chair. Upstairs was the bedroom and another bed to lounge on and a lovely balcony with an amazing sea view.

Our bungalow
The classic image of Thailand

The island had no roads, just sandy paths, and you could across it in 20 minutes. We spent the days up to New Years Eve eating our way through all the Thai classics and lounging on the beach/balcony/terrace/bed. Jack even went for a run!

Before a storm

For New Year’s Eve we headed across to the main beach where loads of BBQ’s were set-up. We sat with our toes in the sand and feasted on barbecued squid, crab, clams, huge prawns and jackfish alongside papaya salad and rice. It was amazingly. Unsurprisingly, after all that food we were in bed soon after and were rudely awoken by the fireworks at midnight!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. wendy v says:

    What beach resort did you stay at on Koh Lanta–it looks exactly like where I want to be next new year’s eve.


  2. Becki Leeds says:

    Hi Wendy,

    It was Relax Bay.


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