23 weird things about travelling…

  1. Staying in a different room everyday
  2. Getting on a bus without knowing where to get off
  3. Becoming close to people without really knowing them
  4. Taking risks you wouldn’t take at home
  5. Eating out everyday, for all three meals
  6. Having chores, e.g. writing the blog, buying toiletries, booking a flight
  7. Sweating and shorts are the norm, not the exception
  8. A pound is a lot of money, and you have more time than money
  9. Waterfalls and caves are boring (and they are everywhere)
  10. Becoming more proud (and feeling lucky) for being English and living in England
  11. Watching TV is a luxury
  12. Eating alot of fast food, and eggs
  13. There is a lot of waiting, e.g. for buses, food, other people
  14. Making a million decisions each day
  15. A good coffee is a treat, having a beer is standard
  16. Willingly watching any old crap at the cinema
  17. A lot of early nights (and very early mornings)
  18. Stereotyping nationalities
  19. Toilets are universally filthy in the developing world (you have to learn to hover)
  20. Realising Europe is amazing, e.g. the architecture, history and the food
  21. Not having a bathroom in your room
  22. Spending virtually all our time together, no family, friends or colleagues
  23. Getting bored of talking about your route

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tom says:

    Haha love the list! Glad to see this filed in ‘Analysis’ too… :)

    1. Cheers mate, how are you?

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