Jungle cruising to see pygmy elephants

From Kuching we flew to Kota Kinabalu in the state of Sabah. Like most Asian cities, it wasn’t very exciting so we left the next day for the Kinabatangan River, six hours away.

We had signed up for a three day/two night experience in the hope of seeing a whole host of animals in the wild. Soon after we arrived we went on our first cruise down the murky brown river and were greeted with more macaques and some of the very strange looking proboscis monkeys. We spent ages watching them jump from tree-to-tree and generally cavorting amongst themselves.

Kinabatangan River at sunset

A jumping proboscis

On our way back the guide/boat driver spotted some pygmy elephants on the bank of the river. I had hoped to see these but heard that sightings were quite rare so was really excited when we saw them not once but twice. Despite being pygmies they still looked pretty big to me!

Not so pygmy
A mother and baby going home

The next day we did a jungle walk where we didn’t spot any (large) animals but saw lots of interesting insects including leeches, one of which was on me.

Freaky leech after it attacked me

On the final river cruise we were extremely lucky to glimpse a wild orangutan hanging in a tree about 25 metres from the edge of the bank and a crocodile quickly making its way into the water from the shore as we went past.

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