A sleepover in a Rungus longhouse

For our last night in Borneo we decided to spend it in a traditional longhouse. These are the dwellings that the indigenous population have lived in for centuries, although now most prefer to live in modern houses.

The longhouse and watchtower
Rungus (an ethnic group in Sabah) longhouses are built raised off the ground on stilts and are divided into a more or less public area along one side and a row of private living quarters lined along the other side. Being raised means flooding presents little inconvenience, cooling air could circulate underneath the floor of the dwelling, and livestock could shelter underneath.

Inside the longhouse (private rooms on left)

We were the only tourists visiting the longhouse on this particular night and as we knew there would be a traditional dance performance after dinner we thought it was necessary to have a few beers before so it wouldn’t feel too awkward!

Some dancing

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