Island hopping back to Manila

From Palawan we flew to Bohol in the Visayas from where we spent the next three weeks island-hopping back to Manilla. Here are some of the highlights:


The Chocolate Hills (made from old coral)
Staying riverside in Loboc (we swam across the river to a waterfall)
A tiny tarsier (one of the world’s smallest primates: just 8-16cm tall)


Tropical countryside
Volcano Hibok-Hibok from White Island (a sand spit just off the coast)



Sipalay sunset



The busy (the Philippines’ no.1 tourist spot) but beautiful beach
Sailing boats off Boracay at sunset


North Pandan Island


On our last night there was a full moon beach bonfire accompanied by some guitar strumming


Lake Taal

A crater lake, within a crater lake
Taal volcano and the surrounding fishing villages

From Manila we flew to Hong Kong to begin the last leg of our trip (China, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka).


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  1. Geoff says:

    Awesome pics, I’m jealous I didn’t go to some of those places, and especially jealous you got to see the chocolate hills not shrouded in cloud! Negros & Caimiguin look lovely, and how was Boracay? I kind of stayed away as I was worried it would be too busy

    1. Yeah, we were really lucky with the CH, for the weeks before it had been raining everyday apparently.

      I was impressed with Boracay – it has by far the finest beach of any big touristy resort I’ve ever been to and it made a nice change from the quieter places.

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