Hectic Hong Kong

After a few weeks lazing on gorgeous beaches in the Philippines, we were looking forward to being in a city and doing some sightseeing. However, soon after arriving in Hong Kong we were missing our sedentary life!

Without any accommodation booked, we started looking for a hotel in our meagre budget…it was hopeless. The cheap places in our guidebook had either closed down or were horrible. We finally found a hostel and asked the obvious question: ”Do you have a room?” to which the woman behind the desk said ”I don’t know”, (how do you respond to that?) so we carried on and tried: “How much is it?” and she again replied “I don’t know”. It was very painful. We left and went to look for somewhere else. At about midnight we finally checked into a room which was tiny and cost 35 GBP (one of the most expensive on our trip) even though it was only available for one night!

We finally got settled into the HK life, and it was everything we wanted it to be…hectic, full of skyscrapers and with heavenly food. We met up with Jack’s friend Terry, from university, who showed us around and introduced us to the expat lifestyle (eating delicious dim sum, boozy family BBQs every Sunday and lazy weekends in beachfront bars).

We extended our stay to fit in all the sightseeing we wanted to do: taking the tram up to Victoria Peak, wandering around Soho (where all the cool bars and restaurants are located), visiting the largest seated Buddha in Asia on Lantau Island and popping over to lovely colonial Macau (home to a few casinos). And of course, we partook in the excellent shopping and fine dining.

Here are some pictures:

Hong Kong Island main street at 11pm
The ferry to Kowloon in front of the Hong Kong Island skyline
Lovely dim sum for Sunday lunch
Stilted village, Lantau Island
A big Buddha
The nightly light show
Colonial Macau
The other side of Macau

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