Anyone for dog or cat meat?

WARNING: Do not read if you are squeamish (or like animals).

I thought I’d seen it all when it came to markets, but this was before I had been to China.

As part of our cookery course in Yangshuo we visited the local market. The first section was the usual selection of slightly unusual fruit and vegetables and we feigned interest as we were shown such exotic items as sweet potatoes and aubergines. One highlight, however, were the bowls of live turtles and frogs “best fried”.

“Good for soup” apparently

However, once we entered the second part things really got exciting. Along the back wall where some rather familiar household pets hanging up on hooks. On closer inspection, there was a dog with no hair and it’s guts hanging out, whilst still bearing its teeth. Further along we witnessed a woman blow-torching a dead dog to burn off its hair (while other dogs watched in the cage opposite). Finally we saw a cat being dunked into a chemical bath to get the hair off.


Waiting to die
A sorry end
Stretched rats

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