Turning 28 in Nepal

Throughout our travels we have been on a pretty strict budget and have grown used to dorms or smelly shoe box-sized rooms, often without a bathroom or even a toilet seat (a surprisingly common occurrence). We eat in the cheapest restaurants or at street stalls and travel on the most rickety forms of transport usually sharing a seat with an entire family and their pet goat. When you are travelling for a long time you have to give up certain home comforts and that’s fine. Obviously it’s worth it.

But when it’s a birthday we generally treat ourselves to a hotel that is guaranteed to be clean and maybe even have a mattress that isn’t rock hard.  For my birthday this year we booked a nice hotel in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. We had room service, cable TV and even our own bathroom with hot water and a bath! Breakfast was a lavish affair with both Indian/Nepali and European options. We sat there for the entire morning eating and reading the newspapers. Heaven.

Our lovely room

On my birthday we had a lazy day around the pool and then went to a Nepali restaurant and had a 9-course menu which was actually more like a 20-course menu all in all and was very nice.

Jack relaxing with a cocktail
Just after our sixth course

And of course some lovely pressies finished things off nicely.

I love presents

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