First impressions of India

We had heard many rumours about India…”people stare at you”, “it’s dirty”, “it’s hardwork” and so on. However, as we have travelled in a lot of dirty and difficult countries, we couldn’t fathom why it would be that tricky or different from other places we had visited.

So here are our first impressions of a country with more mobile phones than toilets, and where pizzas arrive faster than ambulances:

  • People do stare at you. And not just a cursory glance. We’re talking full on staring into your soul. For a long time.
  • People urinate and defecate in public.
  • It does smell [see the point above].
  • Cows wander the streets in towns, across railway lines. Wherever. You see them eating from piles of rubbish which line the roads.
  • The food isn’t that different from home (despite what people say) but it is very very salty and mostly vegetarian.
  • It is very cheap (we are spending much less than any other country, which is lucky as money is quickly running out).
  • When you ask Indians a question they often do this head wiggle that looks a bit like an out of control Thunderbird puppet and sometimes it means ‘yes’, sometimes ‘no’ and occasionally ‘maybe’.



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