Getting stuck in Goa

We’ve met loads of other backpackers who have talked of getting stuck in a particular place. We haven’t really found this to be the case as we tend to move on once we’ve relaxed for a few days or once we have seen the main sights.

However, we definitely got stuck in Goa. Having been on beaches further south for the week before, we had planned to only stay two or three days on the sands of Palolem. Even after the second day we discussed moving on but we then met two nice couples and it soon became easier to wake up everyday and not decide where we were going.

Palolem beach
Our simple beach hut (they are rebuilt from scratch every year after the monsoon)
Breakfast on the beach

Each day was pretty much the same:

  • Wake-up around 10am
  • Decide where to have breakfast (so we could use their sun-loungers for the day)
  • Read/swim
  • Decide where to have lunch (despite the fact that all menus were identical)
  • Read/swim
  • Cocktails/beers as the sun went down
  • Shower and freshen up, drinks on balcony
  • Decide where to have dinner (generally a seafood BBQ with our feet in the sand)
  • Maybe a few more beers/cocktails

It was lovely to completely relax and enjoy a more easygoing part of India, as unlike most states there are no restrictions on alcohol, meat (including pork) is served in restaurants and you are not stared at (too much).

We even got sucked into watching the wedding of the century (Sorry Matt and Jen) which was screened in packed beach bar
Getting hassled by masseurs, jewellery makers and sarong sellers

After six days we finally managed to drag ourselves away from the beach to the state capital Panaji which (along with the former capital, Old Goa) had a lovely collection of white-washed churches and pretty streets.

Panaji street
Old Goa church

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