Now for some proper sightseeing…

After relaxing on the beach in Kerala and Goa, I was looking forward to some real sightseeing. First we headed 400km inland to the historical town of Hampi which is full of temples and surrounded by gorgeous countryside. We toured around in an auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) and a moped, checking out ruined palaces, crazy boulders and rice paddied greenery.

Hampi Palace
Elephant stables
Golden countryside

An overnight bus journey and we were in the country’s biggest city Mumbai (Bombay), home to over 20 million people. We had been avoiding other metropolises (Kolkata and Chennai) but most travellers seem to think Mumbai was India’s best so we decided to give it a go.

To our great surprise we also liked its mix of colonial Victorian-era buildings, clean streets and posh (relatively) and super air-conditioned restaurants. However, the one drawback was the only place we could afford to stay was the Salvation Army Guesthouse, which was ironically just across the road from the city’s most famous hotel The Taj Mahal Palace.

Look familiar? Victoria Terminus
The Gateway of India

We also made our way to Elephanta Island to view the impressive rock carvings in caves and spent a day shopping.

Cave carvings, Elephanta Island

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