Would you wear this at home?

I will happily admit a lot of travellers offend me (and for many reasons) but the one thing that I really hate is some of the outfits they wear. Backpackers in Nepal and India have been by far the worse and here are a selection of candid snaps:

At least the hair and pants match

Long in the tooth and along way from home

Too tight to buy some shoes?

A bandana and a beard, what a combo

An orange bumbag, that really is special

Is it still called a mullet if you have dreads?

He can barely walk his clothes are so baggy

My personal favourite – a loin cloth, a rat-like dog and a helmet with camera

Desert chic

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  1. Chris Swan says:

    Best post yet!

  2. Sorry, but we weren’t sure if our reply would get to you and we don’t have your email address, so here it is. Let us know if you have any questions. Our email is stephabrams22@gmail.com

    Hey Jack & Becki!

    Nice to hear from you. How was the rest of your time in India?

    Sri Lanka was good. We heard there wasn’t much of interest for us in Colombo, so we ended up staying in Negombo (where the airport actually is) for a couple nights. The place was great and right on the beach. It doesn’t have a sign and the owner might not even be there, but it’s worth a look. It’s not even really a guest house, just a house that the caretaker built for his sister who lives in Holland. It is right across the little street from Hotel Sunset Beach. We paid 1,500 Rp for a room upstairs, but I ended up breaking the lock on the door the first night and we stayed in a room on the ground floor the next night for the same price. He originally wanted 2,500 for the room downstairs.

    We visited Kandy first, which was nice. We don’t really have a recommendation for hotel there because our place wasn’t nice and wasn’t all that cheap. We were in a hurry to get our bags off, so we just settled. I would just stick with one of the places from lonely planet. Then we took a train (beautiful train ride) to Nuwara Eliya and we weren’t really impressed with it at all. We took a tour of Pedro’s Tea Factory there, which was fine and it only cost 100 Rp each. After that we went to Dalhousie to climb Adam’s Peak and stayed at the White House which was great. The owner and staff were very friendly and they charged us 1,900 Rp for the room, breakfast and dinner included. Adam’s Peak was hard, but worth it if you get there for sunrise. Next was Haputale which was more of a local place with few tourists. There are a couple of nice things to do there, like see the highest waterfall in SL and tour the Lipton Tea Factory. If you go there, stay at ABC Guest House. It’s a family run place that’s in town and is nice and clean. He gave us the room for 500 Rp, but I don’t think that’s common. He’s usually one of two guys that will meet you right off the train and he seems like a tout at first, but he’s actually the owner. The other guy waiting is a tout and is really annoying. Ella was next and we loved it. We stayed at Rawana Hotel in one of their cheap rooms for 900 Rp. They had a computer that you could use for free, which was nice. Little Adam’s Peak and the waterfall near Ella were both great. After Ella, we had a horrible experience at the place we stayed in Arugum Bay (Rock View something) which made the town a bad experience for us. It could be nice if you want to surf, but the beach is really spread out and there weren’t many people there. That’s about it.

    We hope you guys are well and that you really enjoy Sri Lanka!

    Shawn & Steph

  3. Geoff says:

    genius post. there’s nothing i hate more than a hippy backpacker in ridiculous clothes.

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