Buying individual flights vs a round the world ticket

For our first two trips we booked round the world tickets, where you pay one price for a series of flights which take you around the world roughly in the same direction. However, for this trip we are just booking individual flights as we go.

Some pros and cons of the individual flights method are:


  • No limits on how long your travel for (RTW tickets generally have a maximum validity of one year)
  • You can change your route as often as your like (RTW tickets usually charge for re-routing)
  • You are able to use airline miles for flights (we should save around £2,000 on flights each by redeeming Avios points)
  • If you don’t want to circumnavigate the globe or plan to visit unusual destinations, individual tickets will give you more flexibility


  • As you haven’t paid for most of your flights up front you need to reserve a portion of your funds for future flights
  • High charges if you want to change dates (usually free on RTW tickets)
  • Potentially more expensive if you book all your flights last minute and are inflexible about dates and routings

I hope this helps if you’re still deciding which method to go for.


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