Bucolic Boquete

After a sweltering few days in Panama City, we were relieved to move to the cool and fresh climate of Boquete, a ten hour bus ride away. Boquete is a small town, nestled in lush, green, forested mountains in the western Chiriqui province of Panama – less than 40 miles from the border with Costa Rica.

Boquete from above

Hiking is one of the main attractions in Boquete and we decided to go on the ‘hidden waterfall walk’. Even the drive to the start was scenic; we passed beautiful gardens, coffee farms, virgin rainforest and waterfalls at every turn. Once on foot the trail went through mist-covered forests to alpine-like pastures to dense jungle all in the space of an hour.


The next day we visited a mini canyon and hot springs. Again, the journey there was beautiful as lush green countryside sped by. At the canyon, tourists and locals leapt into the deep fast-flowing waters below.

Leading by example
Mini rapids
Mini canyon

Next we made our way down a long, bumpy dirt road to some hidden hot springs. One pool was 35C and the other 40C. Seeing as it was nearly this hot outside and we had just walked for 20 sweaty minutes across rocks to get to the hot springs; we didn’t think we would enjoy plunging into the hot water but it was actually quite nice, and made even better with a dip in the cool nearby river.

Walk to hot springs
35C inside and outside

Next stop: Bocas Del Toro.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. I was nervous to see jack cliff jumping! Did you do this too Bec? What a lovely old trip you are having!

  2. Alice says:

    That walk to the hot springs makes 3 Peaks look like a doddle! Cliff hanger of a story…did you find the hidden waterfall?

  3. Stu says:

    Misread the heading there, glad you’ve not got the plague. Looks amazing, even with the gratuitous swim-suit modelling :-)

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