The best beach in Central America?

Central America has around 6,000 km of coastline along two oceans and thousands of beaches. We have only visited a few of them on our travels but we think we have found our new favourite: West Bay on the island of Roatan.

The island lies 65 kilometres (40 miles) off the northern coast of Honduras and is surrounded by the second largest coral reef in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef). It is a popular spot amongst divers due to the pristine marine life. Above water is pretty nice too:


We had high-hopes for the beach as it was talked up by the guidebook but it surpassed our expectations by some measure:

  • Calm azure seas. Check.
  • Blindingly white sand. Check.
  • Swaying palms. Check.
  • A lush green jungle interior. Check.
  • Comfy sun-loungers and shady parasols. Check.
  • Happy hours that last all afternoon. Check.
  • Beautiful sunsets. Check.
  • Having dinner with your feet in the sand. Check.







It was paradise and we could have easily spent the whole week on the beach in our favourite spot reading, swimming, eating and drinking (Monkey La-La was the local cocktail – coffee liqueur, rum, coconut cream – yum).

However, we did manage a few other activities (albeit most still beach-related):

  • Snorkelling to see lots of colourful fish just off the beach
  • Driving around the island passing traditional Garifuna settlements, villages over the water and more beautiful beaches
  • Indulging in a US$20 Sunday brunch with unlimited mimosas on the other side of the island
  • Spotting iguanas in the road (including seeing the silhouette of a squashed one)
  • Enjoying the local cuisine, especially the seafood
  • Strolling up to the island ridge where you could see both coastlines and ex-pats’ posh homes

Next stop: South Beach, Miami, USA

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  1. Stu says:

    Heat Magazine. Check.
    Does look amazing

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