Some of the best and worst things about travelling in Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras

One month gone already so a few observations on where we have been…

Some of the best things:

  • Beer is cheaper than water, always
  • There are lots of cool and stylish hostels
  • Delicious homemade chilli sauce is always available
  • You can try and talk bad Spanish to everyone
  • It’s not hard to get good coffee and wine
  • There are amazing colonial towns and cities
  • Everywhere is lush and bright green (this is probably because we were there in the rainy season)
  • No squat toilets
  • There are lots of US chains

Some of the worst things

  • Toilet paper goes in a smelly bin rather than through the waste pipe
  • It’s super hot and humid
  • We are old enough to be the parents of most backpackers
  • Most locals assume you are American
  • Every meal comes with rice and beans (but sometimes with chips or fried plantains)
  • There are lots of coconuts on trees but not enough available to drink
  • There are lots of US chains

Next up: Miami and then South America…

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