California dreaming…Los Angeles to Sonoma

After the relief of getting back into the USA, we had seven weeks to explore California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

We kicked off with a few days in Los Angeles staying with friends in Santa Monica, flexing our biceps on Muscle Beach, stalking celebrities (actually just Tobey Maguire) in Venice and generally trying to look cool.

Four days in San Diego was spent eating brunch (biscuits and gravy!), wandering the Old Town, along the waterfront and relaxing in parks and on beaches. At La Jolla beach we enjoyed watching the seals and humans swim together in the water.

Back in LA we picked up our (mobile) home for the next month: a mini-RV (campervan) with two bedrooms (one of which is a ‘penthouse’) and a kitchen.


We zoomed up the coast from the City of Angels past huge seal colonies, through scenic, winding Big Sur with a stop in Santa Cruz to stay with a family friend.

Next up a couple days were spent in San Francisco where we munched on shrimp and crab baguettes in Fishermen’s Wharf, dim sum in Chinatown and food truck delights. Plus a smidgen of sightseeing and walking up and down the hills that make up the city.

From here we headed north into Sonoma wine country and drove around the gorgeous countryside of rolling hills and vineyards with a few stops to sample the different grapes and see some ghost towns.

Next stop: Lake Tahoe

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stu says:

    That campervan is awesome, how comfy is/was it?

  2. Jack Solesbury says:

    It’s actually pretty roomy, especially on the roof. Just have to make sure you don’t need the toilet in the night as it’s a tricky climb down the ladder half asleep…

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