(Red) rock ‘n’ roll

Las Vegas

After our wilderness camping escapades in California, what we really needed was a hot shower and a laundrette. Las Vegas wasn’t necessarily the first place that sprung to mind for these cleaning needs, but it’s version of civilisation fitted the bill nicely for two nights.

Obviously, we also explored The Strip and Freemont Street which were as crazy as I imagined with huge grandiose structures, tonnes of neon, lots of weirdos and ziplining overhead.

dsc07141 dsc07158 dsc07163 dsc07166 dsc07170

Zion National Park

This was the first of four stunning national parks in Utah, and probably our favourite. The sheer red (and sometimes white) rock, lush green vegetation and blue skies were a winning combo.



We hiked the canyon floor (which like all four of these national parks is located in desert but has been sculpted by water over millions of years), seeing waterfalls, hanging gardens, rivers and crazy climbers hanging from the rocks.


Our campsite had a stunning location with a view of the canyon rock as the light glinted on it at sundown.


Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks 

We probably didn’t do these two parks justice but the weather was against us and they unfortunately paled in comparison to Zion. Nevertheless, they were still both extremely scenic. Bryce for it’s thousands of pink pinnacles situated in an rock amphitheatre; and Capitol Reef for its red rock backdropped fruit orchards planted by Mormons.

Mormon school, Capitol Reef NP
Capitol Reef NP
Orchard, Capitol Reef NP

Arches National Park

This was up there with Zion, but it was a different kind of spectacular. The park contains 2,000 burnt orange sandstone arches created by wind and water erosion. These range from one to 100m wide and are situated all over the park so we drove and hiked around and were in awe wherever we looked.


dsc07344 dsc07393

dsc07433 dsc07437


Another amazing week in our campervan, not only for what we saw but also homecooking, stargazing, nights around the fire and the freedom to go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted…

Sunset from camp

Next stop: Arizona



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  1. James Gallagher says:

    This should be called The Trip of a 1,000 Rocks. Great blog mate.

  2. Jack Solesbury says:

    Cheers, yeah that would’ve been a better title! How are you? How’s work?

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