Stu and Morgan’s wedding in Sydney

An amazing bit of luck with the timing of our trip was that we were able to attend the Sydney wedding of my very good friend Stu and his Aussie fiancee Morgan.

The days leading up to the main event on 18 December were spent catching up with friends, meeting the bride-to-be’s family and, most importantly, helping Stu get ready for the big day.

The wedding wasn’t until 5pm, but the day itself flew by in a blur of…

Decorating the venue:


Perusing the menu:


Practising the speeches:


Getting cleaned up:

A sip of Dutch courage:


Making sure I didn’t lose the rings:


And then they were husband and wife!:



Some photoshoots:

Speeches by Morgan’s Dad, Stu (and myself):

Lots of drinking and dancing:

Morgan looked like a movie star, Stu looked stunning and it was an amazing day. Congratulations Stu and Morgan!

On our final day in Sydney, we had a few hours to reacquaint ourselves with the city we visited eleven years ago. We had loved it then and were pleased to find we still loved it now. The mix of history, good food, climate and proximity to beaches is a winning combination and we would love to have the chance to live there someday.

Next stop: Thailand

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stu Richards says:

    So great having you guys here for our big day. Always the best company. Can’t believe it’s been and gone so quickly!

    And yeah don’t forget to get yourselves back here for our Basement Jaxx Rendezvous in t-minus < 2years 😄

    1. Becki Leeds says:

      Thanks mate, we had an amazing time too. Defo, the meet is in the diary! X

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