You know you’re in Japan when…

It’s normal to walk the streets in a kimono and clogs:

They auction bras in the street:

Toilets are amazing and never dirty:


There are cafes where you can play with cats:

You can buy snow monkey souvenirs on trains:

People chainsaw ice in the street:

You can order your dinner from a machine:

…as well as buy a hot coffee on the street from a vending machine:

Everything is beautifully designed and super efficient; from the currency, to the security trays at the airport, to the boarding passes, to the dentist signs:

Eggs are cooked in the street with water from hot springs:

You can’t go in a hot spring if you’re mafia or have tattoos:

There are restaurants that specialise in tempura:

You can visit an origami museum:

Sleeping on the floor in a hotel for £70 is not a rip-off:

Monkeys and babies are the same:

There are always slippers to borrow:

They are concerned about umbrella security:

Upper floor rooms come equipped with instructions for using a ‘descent device’:

Candi-floss is huge:

A recommended restaurant street is nicknamed ‘piss alley’ on the map:

The hostel beds are like coffins (in a good way):


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