Naughty Ngapali

Our 11 days with Rach and Guy ended in the best way; three nights on the Bay of Bengal in western Myanmar.

We upgraded our usual backpacker accommodation for the cheapest room in an expensive resort, situated on a prime stretch of the wide and lengthy palm-lined beach. It was gorgeous. 

Our ride to the hotel from the airport
Thande Beach Hotel (sadly not our room)
The beautiful beach

We spent our days lazing on the golden sands, swimming, jumping the waves, playing cards, cycling around the area, eating seafood and drinking cocktails (and a bottle of local rum which cost just £2) whilst watching amazing sunsets.

Happy hour

Fruit lady

Locals playing on rubber rings
Fruit ladies at sunset

A perfect end to travels with our good friends.

Next stop: Yangon

One Comment Add yours

  1. Zoe says:

    Great photos chaps !! Especially “Fruit Ladies at Sunset !” Enjoying following your amazing trip…. !!! Love to you both. Zoe xx

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