The Dolomites: the most beautiful mountains in Europe

I was really excited about visiting the Italian Alps as they looked beautiful in photos and driving the Canadian Rockies was one of the highlights of the trip. They border Austria and German is the main language.

We rented a car for four days in and around the area and it was even better than I had hoped.

Gawping at these stunning views:

Hearing the sounds of cowbells everywhere:

Eating local food which had more in common with Germany than Italy:

From a menu in two languages:

Lunching with incredible views:

Hiking along beautiful trails:

Getting confused by signs in both Italian and German:

Stopping to look at pretty churches:

Driving to stunning turquoise lakes:

Catching a cable car up to an alpine meadow:

Covered in walking trails and dotted with mountain huts:

Laughing at kids on horseback:

Dodging cyclists on windy passes:

Relaxing in our apartment on our terrace:

Driving through a ski town:

Sleeping at an agriturismo (farm stay):

Visiting walled towns:

Eating a porchetta (Italian roast pork) sandwich in a beautiful square:

Cycling amongst Prosecco vineyards:

Soaking up small town life at the local bar:

And drinking frizzante at sunset:

Next stop: Parma in Emilia Romagna


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