I’m Becki. He’s Jack. Together we make up the couple in Couple on Tour. In May 2016 we quit our jobs, rented out our home and said goodbye to our lives in London to travel round the world.

In 2005 we took our first round the world trip and got addicted to a life of beaches, incredible food and exciting adventures. On this trip we traveled to 20 countries across three continents – we saw Mayan ruins, hiked the Inca trail, stayed in £1 beach huts on Thai islands, skydived, went white water rafting and much more.

We loved it. Eventually we had to go home. We got jobs in the field we wanted; Jack in the film industry and Becki in publishing. We bought our first flat and enjoyed London life. But something wasn’t right. We soon realized we wanted to go on another trip and started saving and planning for trip number two – thinking that would cure the ‘bug’.

Five years after our first trip in 2010, we set off again, visiting 25 countries across the same three continents – falling even more in love with travel. We slept in hammocks in the Colombian jungle, island hopped in the Philippines, saw smoking volcanoes in Indonesia and ate lots of delicious curry in India.

This time we were kind of ready to come home after a year. We were looking forward to working, earning money, having a home and seeing our friends and family. We luckily got jobs we wanted, this time Becki moved into the charity sector working for an International Development agency and Jack continued in film distribution.

But once again we started to miss our lives on the road and despite going on holiday whenever we could, buying a house and enjoying our jobs, we both realized that we wanted to go again. We started saving and planning once more. And here we are. We are now on trip number three and loving it. This time we have a long list of countries we hope to get to, across four continents. We are aware that time is ticking and our friends are married and having kids. We know that we are putting our careers at risk and will miss out on experiences with our friends and family. But at the moment, it’s worth it. 

Here is our itinerary, but like any good itinerary it is very likely to change.

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